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'The Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce has given me wonderful access to the City Leaders and I have the utmost respect for all the individuals involved at the city planning level.'
John Bendheim – President - Bendheim Enterprises, Inc. More Testimonials

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Receive an in depth analysis detailing risk level, concentrated positions, areas of concern and specific recommendations

Stratos Wealth Partners, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor, manages over $6 billion in advisory assets, and advises through LPL Financial, over $6.8 billion in brokerage and third party managed assets for a total of 12.8 billion as of September 30, 2018.

Learn how much risk is in your investment portfolio & if it matches your financial goals!

Today is the tomorrow you were talking about yesterday! Let's get started! Free fitness consultation with a Personal Training package! Clients who refer one month paid package get free session at end of their current package! 310-625-5490

Meraki Fitness - Your Wellness Experts!

Did you know the estimated cost associated with lack of productivity due to poor employee health is 2 to 3 times greater than health care expenses? Invest in your employee’s health today with a Corporate Wellness program from Meraki Fitness!

Get that wellness edge for your business today!

Meraki Fitness enjoys fun, energetic, chair exercise classes and personal sessions to music with seniors in leading Beverly Hills and Santa Monica locations or in the comfort of your own home. We encourage care givers to join in to stimulate blood flow, get fresh oxygen, and to keep all major muscle groups moving from your head to your toes. Body weight movements, resistance bands and a blending of Tai Chi are in each session that are customized from standing-abled, to chair and bed required.

Fun Senior Fitness Chair Exercise and Personal Training for your loved ones!

With an 85% success rate, Pacific Ketamine Institute treats people who have depression, PTSD, mood disorders (bipolar, OCD, anxiety) and chronic pain. Receive a free consultation to learn how you can finally get your life back.

Pacific Ketamine Institute specializes in treating depression, PTSD, mood disorders (bipolar, OCD, anxiety) and chronic pain.

Join us every Monday through Friday for Happy Hour! From 4:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., enjoy $8 Cocktails, $5 House Wine & Prosecco, $3 Beers & $8 appetizers!

Celebrate every weekday evening with refreshing drinks and delicious appetizers at Il Cielo's beautiful, new bar!

weekday buffet, lunch, Indian food, hot meal

All you can eat lunch buffet Mon - Fri

Indian brunch sunday brunch

Samosa & Mimosa's

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