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Grant's Crusade

Grant's Crusade


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About Us

Grant's Crusade aims to bring awareness and understanding of the neurodiverse community by empowering them to discover their strengths, conquer challenges, and enhance their quality of life through meaningful opportunities.
We celebrate people’s individuality by listening and connecting in a genuine, empathetic, and authentic way.
To help achieve this goal, Grant's Crusade is supporting already established non-profit organizations with years of experience and a deep understanding of the neurodiverse community. Through their dedicated work, they help us identify neurodiverse children in need so that we can provide them with life-changing opportunities to empower and transform their lives.


Pia hugging her service dog during a training session
Haba and his service dog getting to know each other
Liam during his therapeutic horseback riding lesson
Gonzalo receiving Early Education and Thriving