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Jon Gluck

Beverly Hills Chamber has been a powerful resource for our company since we launched in 2013. From day one, the hard working team at the Chamber has gone out of their way to create opportunities for us. They provide us with valuable guidance, introduce us to quality people and potential customers, and involve us in marketing programs that help grow our brand. Winning the 2014 Golden Palm Award for Innovation was an especially exciting and valuable experience as it further established our company’s credibility in the community. We count Beverly Hills Chamber as one of our strongest supporters and a key contributor to our success. The sky’s the limit with Beverly Hills Chamber by your side.

Jon Gluck – President – Beverly Hills 90H20

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Life Coaching For Dogs

Life Coaching For Dogs

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I speak DOG. Ok, so not like Dr. Dolittle, but I understand the language of dogs which is: energy, instinct, association & reflection, So if you are wondering why your dog pulls on the leash, barks incessantly, lunges after people or dogs, bites, has separation anxiety, pees in the house, has aggressive tendencies, or does any other problem or crazy behavior, I can explain it and stop it. Also, if you are bringing a new dog/puppy home (whether from a breeder or a shelter), I ensure that the dog puts its best paw forward to make the homecoming smooth for all members of the family. If you are bringing a new baby home, I ensure your dog is well behaved & totally safe around the baby even before you bring your baby home. People are continually amazed at the results & get added insight into themselves! It is my mission to ensure that no dog ever has to give up their home due to ''bad behavior''. Instead I stop problem behaviors & give people a better relationship with, and understanding of their dog(s) leading to harmony and happiness in the home.

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