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Jon Gluck

Beverly Hills Chamber has been a powerful resource for our company since we launched in 2013. From day one, the hard working team at the Chamber has gone out of their way to create opportunities for us. They provide us with valuable guidance, introduce us to quality people and potential customers, and involve us in marketing programs that help grow our brand. Winning the 2014 Golden Palm Award for Innovation was an especially exciting and valuable experience as it further established our company’s credibility in the community. We count Beverly Hills Chamber as one of our strongest supporters and a key contributor to our success. The sky’s the limit with Beverly Hills Chamber by your side.

Jon Gluck – President – Beverly Hills 90H20

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Vibe Med Spa

Vibe Med Spa


Health & Personal Care Stores

About Us

DR. ARACELY started her journey after working over 25 years in Integrative Medicine in partnership with Dr. Carmelo Plateroti, D.O. at the Plateroti Center Holistic Medicine. Dr. Aracely asked the question, "What is true health & beauty? ". From that moment, the search began with her deep passion of studying with the most advanced medical breakthroughs in Integrative Beauty Medicine and Ancient Medicine modalities currently available.

Dr. Aracely soon discovered that Heath & Beauty is simple when you follow certain principles in the Harmony of Life, "RED CARPET BEAUTY". Dr. Aracely composed a symphony of health that is stabilized in 3 Levels by merging the knowledge of Multiple Medical Modalities and The Best In Spa Treatments, giving birth to ARAVIBE QUANTUM BEAUTY and the VIBE MED SPA now in Beverly Hills 90210.

DR. ARACELY's Revolutionary Beauty Rx. Level 1: ENERGY. Level 2: LOVE. Level 3: BEAUTY.

Education & Degrees Summary:
Environmental Science Degree, Minor in Epidemiology
Doctor of Chinese Medicine
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine
Board Certified in Hypnotherapy
Inventor and Patent on ACUGEMS Technology
Practitioner of Vibrational Bioenergetic Medicine
Practitioner of Sound Healing in Tuning Forks & Crystal Bowls
Practitioner of Integrative Nutrition
Fashion Designer FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising)
Practitioner of Feng Shui
Certified In Ballet Barre & Kundalini Rejuve
Certified Instructor for California Acupuncture Medical Board
(Read more at about)


Vibe Med Spa Using Patented ACUGEMS/ARAVIBE Quantum Beauty Technology created By: Dr. Aracely
Energy Love Beauty Rx. By Dr. Aracely
Research at Harvard Medical School Integrative Medicine 2019
New Quantum Beauty BreakThrough 2019
Dr. Aracely Presents Vibe Med Spa at the Golden Triangle in Beverly Hills 90210
If you want to achieve extraordinary results and fulfillment in life, you must begin at the center source of all your choices, decisions, feelings and experience — your focus. Rx. By Dr. Aracely

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