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Jon Gluck

Beverly Hills Chamber has been a powerful resource for our company since we launched in 2013. From day one, the hard working team at the Chamber has gone out of their way to create opportunities for us. They provide us with valuable guidance, introduce us to quality people and potential customers, and involve us in marketing programs that help grow our brand. Winning the 2014 Golden Palm Award for Innovation was an especially exciting and valuable experience as it further established our company’s credibility in the community. We count Beverly Hills Chamber as one of our strongest supporters and a key contributor to our success. The sky’s the limit with Beverly Hills Chamber by your side.

Jon Gluck – President – Beverly Hills 90H20

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Dr. Adam Gower

Dr. Adam Gower

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''The best way to invest in real estate is by crowdfunding''

Adam Gower is a seasoned real estate professional with over 30 years of finance and investment experience who today builds digital marketing systems for real estate professionals who want to find more investors so they can raise more money and he has taught over 4,000 individuals how to build wealth, preserve capital,

Access everything you need to raise capital for your real estate projects or to invest passively.

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